2011 Janus Community Assessment

Georgia Power sponsored this community and economic development assessment of Camden County, Georgia and Janus Economics carried out the project. The assessment includes four parts: 1) economic overview; 2) economic development strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis (including incentives review); 3) target industry analysis; and 4) marketing recommendations.

Information for this assessment came primarily from a one and a half day visit to Camden County in which two Janus Economics professionals toured the area and conducted confidential interviews and focus groups with elected officials, business owners, city/county employees and other stakeholders. Georgia Power provided data from Economic Modeling Systems, Inc. (EMSI) for the demographic and economic overview. However, this does not represent a detailed statistical study or engineering-based assessment, but rather an analysis of the community through the lens of a visiting company executive or as a consultant evaluating potential sites — tangibles and intangibles. This report also includes recommendations.

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