Dolphin Scholarship Foundation 2019 Cartoon Calendar Contest

The Dolphin Scholarship Foundation was established in 1960 to assist children of the U.S. Submarine Force with college scholarships through private fundraising and donations, as well as any dividends from its trust fund. The DSF has been a beneficiary of support from The Camden Partnership and our Partners over the years.

The DSF now needs artistic help from their supporters- they are sponsoring a Cartoon Calendar Contest to select 12 submarine-related drawings for their 2019 Dolphin Scholarship Foundation Cartoon Calendar.

Here are the details:

1. A total of twelve (12) drawings will be selected for the 2018 calendar.

2. Drawings are to be of a humorous nature depicting life in the Submarine Service.

3. All cartoons must be:

A. Original Artwork, not Copies
B. Hand drawn in black ink (not pencil) on white paper OR black & white computer generated.
C. Landscape orientated on 8 ½ x 11 paper

4. Please print on a separate piece of paper:

A. Artist’s Name
B. If Navy member: rank/rate and duty station
C. If dependent: sponsor’s name, rank/rate, duty station, and artist’s age (if under 18)
D. Mailing address, e-mail address & phone number

5. Please DO NOT Fold Entry.

6. Send all entries to:

Dolphin Scholarship Foundation
4966 Euclid Road, Suite 109
Virginia Beach, VA 23462



Entries Must Be Received By August 24, 2018