New jobs coming to Camden

October 12, 2017
Sheila McNeill, Guest Columnist

New jobs coming to Camden

The 2017 National Defense Authority Act brings good news to Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay and Camden County. Trident Refit Facility had been approved for hiring several hundred employees at least a year ago but the process is long and difficult.

The announcement from Trident Refit Facility (TRF) is good news for everyone. The approval for direct hiring authority for TRF gives them the authority to quickly hire those they consider are well-qualified for the position. There were many times that a good candidate was found but by the time they received approval through the various procedures the good candidate had found another position. The workforce is needed now, not in six months.

The range of positions is high, more than 23 different trades. Trades that are essential to maintaining the aging Ohio class submarines and at the same time to prepare for the new replacement submarine, the Columbia class.

We are proud of the state efforts and in particular to Stephanie Brown, the sub-regional rep for the Coastal Workforce Services and their board member Alyce Thornhill with the Georgia Department of Economic Development. It took over two years, but the state is now treating Trident Refit Facility as a business and offering the same benefits. Each of their regional offices posts the Trident Refit Facility job openings, allows applicants to take a practice test and staff work with them on resumes.

Dena Roberts, administrative officer for civilian personnel, and her team at TRF met with us recently and we agreed that we should continue meeting on a regular basis. The ability to speed up the process will have significant impact on the over-all employment in Camden County. These are jobs that offer great benefits and salary, with plenty of opportunities for advancement.

The Camden Partnership  is pleased to support NSB Kings Bay in their efforts to streamline the process to bring their workforce to the level that is needed for the future. And we congratulate the leadership of Trident Refit Facility for this incredible opportunity.