We hope you all have heard the good news that Camden County has received re-certification of our status as a Coast Guard Community. We have posters we are trying to distribute that celebrates this honor. We would appreciate it if you would pick up a few posters at the North Center located at 531 North Lee Street Kingsland, and help us distribute them to businesses around the county.

Back in 2013, with three cities and the county the only certification was a Coast Guard City. We worked hard to convince the Coast Guard that a new designation: Coast Guard Community should be created. After almost a year this designation was approved and we were designated the first Coast Guard Community in the nation. Every five years this designation must be re- certified. We spent several weeks putting a package together to show our support over the past five years. We have received the re-certification and maintain our status.

We will be meeting with our local Coast Guard leaders late next week. We need to know what kind of financial support we will receive from sponsors like you to know how to plan the event to celebrate our re-certification. We would like to be able to invite the Coast Guard and their families to a great picnic at the St. Marys waterfront park.

We will have a ceremony for sure, but support will decide if it is simply a cake or a full blown cook-out with their families.

Please let us know if you could support with $50, $100, $250. or more. Also let us know if you would like to help us with the event. If we are successful we will have games for the children, great music, hot dogs, hamburgers and all the trimmings for a wonderful event for our Coast Guardmen and women and their families. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.

Sheila McNeill, President
The Camden Partnership