Getting The Right Deal

Switching over to electronic cigarettes was probably the most sensible decision of your life. You could continue to smoke but with none of the dangerous side-effects associated with the traditional ‘cancer stick.’ Now, you love vaping. The kits are smart and handy and you get a huge range of flavors and nicotine strengths to indulge in. Of course, vaping is socially acceptable as well and no one gives you the dirty glares associated with traditional cigarettes and cigars.

You love vaping so much that this year, you’ve decided to gift your friends a fun but tiny vaping kit that could introduce them to a whole new world of safe smoking. But you do wonder sometimes whether you can save on your e-cigs. Do companies offer discount deals, electronic cigarette coupons, bulk savings, etc on their products? If yes, then where do you find these deals and how do you redeem them?

Finding Great Deals
Discount shopping is always a great idea online. Remember, most online retailers do not have to worry about rentals, maintenance, real-time stores, etc. As a result, they tend to save a lot of money by selling online. Most retailers are more than happy to share this saving with their customers by offering deals, coupon codes, and discounts. However, e-cigs are a niche market and you won’t get these coupons everywhere and on every website. But not to worry, we’ve created a short list of places you can check out to find great deals on your favorite starter kits.

  • Magazines – Online magazines and print magazines about vaping are your best source of great deals. Most manufacturers will have the whole page or part-page ads in these magazines. You can download or cut coupons from these magazines and keep them for later use. Don’t forget to check the back pages as well. Some magazines also offer coupons, discount codes, direct links, and third-party links to other websites that also have deals.
  • Special seasonal sales – Apart from biannual sales, websites also have special sales. For example, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are some of the best online and offline as well. For example, last year websites like banzai vapors offered 50% off on all e-liquid packs and free shipping on all orders over $49. this was combined with a site-wide 15% discount on all products! Other sites offered a flat 30% off on all products site-wide on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday along with free shipping deals on all products. We recommend browsing seasonal flyers for discounts well in advance on the season so you know what to buy and from where.
  • Forums – We love forums simply because we get to connect with so many other vapers. But really, one quick chat with other people and you end up getting so many shared tips, tricks, and deals that you will be surprised. You can do the same. Just open a local account with one or two forums and browse the threads. Someone or the other will be online talking about discounts, codes, and deals. Just click on the link and follow the thread to get great deals.
  • Direct from the manufacturer – Now, this is a good way to get discounts but you have to buy in bulk. Chinese and South-Asian retailers in particular stock huge amounts of cheap starter kits that they are willing to sell at deep discounts. You can start by checking international retailers like Alibaba and move on from there. Believe me, you’ll get super-great deals, provided you do your research carefully.
  • Individual retailers – Top retailers like White Cloud, Green Smoke, and Blu Cigs have a huge inventory of products from all over the world. However, they also tend to clear out their inventory every year. That means twice a year, they have discount sales or clearance sales where they offer products at deep discounts. All you have to do is sign up for an account at major retailers. The companies will notify you when the products become available and you can snap up deals immediately. Don’t forget to combine coupons with these deep discounts as most websites will allow you to do so.

Take advantage of these wonderful sites to find great deals and savings for your e-cig supplies. Remember, to share deals you’ve found with other readers as well. In many cases, you can combine deals from different sources to get wonderful discounts on your favorite products. So go ahead, browse and have fun finding great deals.