Economic Diversification of Camden County, Georgia. October 25, 2005.

Prepared by Georgia Tech’s Office of Economic Development & Technology Ventures (EDTV)
Prepared for The Camden Partnership and the Camden County Public Service Authority
In Partnership with Georgia Tech’s Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development (CQGRD)

Camden County’s community vision centers on its aspiration “to be a desirable place to live, to manage growth and development, and to achieve economic prosperity.” To help realize that vision, The Camden Partnership and the Camden County Public Service Authority undertook a study to investigate opportunities for economic diversification within Camden County that will enable the community to reduce its economic dependence upon the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. They contracted with a Georgia Tech team to review Camden County’s suitability for economic diversification and issues affecting its potential for sustainable and quality development. The goal of this effort is to recommend priority actions for Camden County that are:

  • Compatible with Camden County’s vision and quality of life.
  • Feasible given Camden County’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Implementable given Camden County’s resources and leadership.
  • Strategic for enabling Camden County to move forward on the most promising opportunities.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Index of Reports
Strategic Plan Recommendations
Stakeholders Report
External Partners Report
Economic Development Report Card
Asset Inventory
Economic Development Program Assessment
Business Growth Opportunities
Quality Growth Report
Infrastructure Management Report
Business Park Site Identification
Workforce Development Assessment
Existing Business & Industry Assessment
Tourism Development Report
Marketing Plan Recommendations
Georgia Tech Contacts